Bright Ideas inspires throughout the week

love the enthusiasm and excitement from our new Archer Academy students’ blog….and this post on the talk from author of ‘365 Ways to Change the World‘ (and my dad!) Michael Norton.

brilliant! 🙂

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That is how my Mum described me when I returned home from the Bright Ideas session on sustainability. Michael Norton’s inspirational talk convinced me that we have the power to change the world. You may think that this is impossible as we are still very young and can’t even vote .Michael Norton assured us that we are capable as even a tiny mosquito has a huge impact if it is buzzing in your room. He gave examples of children of our age, some even younger, making a huge difference. A six year old boy decided to earn one hundred pounds to fund a well in Africa, however, once he had the money, a charity told him that he actually needed two thousand pounds! This boys was so determined that this blow did not stop him; he continued to raise more money.

At the end of the wonderful presentation we…

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