Young People & Technology

Preparing young people for a constantly changing 21st century labour market is a core part of the Archer Academy’s vision and ethos. We recognise that whilst traditional approaches to teaching and learning might have been adequate for the way things used to be, but they aren’t going to work in the future, if we want to compete in the global economy of the future. So we’ve built a strong emphasis on developing creative and critical thinking skills into our curriculum and offer a range of enrichment opportunities designed to inspire young people and support employability from age 11 onwards. One important part of this focusses on technology.

Despite the huge amount of tech-focussed stuff going on in the UK (and particularly in London, where we’re based) we’ve found it hard to know where to go, who to talk to and who can help us offer exciting, engaging and appropriate ways of engaging our students with technology. So, as my stock response to this type of challenge, I took to social media seeking the advice of my well-informed and well-connected networks to see what help they could offer. The response was fantastic. So I thought I would share the insight and wisdom offered to me, in the hope of helping others with similar challenges, to cut through the fluff. Here’s what I was got back…

I also got a lot of personal contacts, people sharing my request for help, passing it on to others and people offering support – which is amazing – but I’ve not posted them here as I wasn’t sure they’d appreciate being offered out as a source of support to anyone reading this blog. But I wanted to mention it as individuals who are prepared to help very definitely part of the story!

I’m sure this is a far from definitive list of groups and organisations interested in supporting young people to engage with technology in interesting, creative and inspiring ways…so feel free to add more suggestions to the list (post a comment and I’ll add any suggestions to the list).

I’ll try and let you know how we get on at the school – we did have a very good coding club (and no, it wasn’t called that Warren…it was a Minecraft Club but it was all about coding!) last term but we want to do much much more. And I hope that we’ll get some of the students sharing their experience on the topic too – I’ll be helping them set up their own students blog in a couple of weeks.

Thanks to all of you who offered ideas and insights. This post proves yet again the power of social media!

Links to tech and young people orgs [nb not all of these are doing work in schools or specifically with young people…but might still be relevant]

Make Things Do Stuff –

Facebook policy team –

Young Rewired State –

Mozilla Foundation –

Apps for Good –

Audioboo Teach Computing Podcast

STEM Clubs –

Coderdojo –

Code Club –

Fire Tech

Technology will save us –

Treehouse –

Code Academy –

Suffolk Creative Computing Club –

Khan Academy –

The Hour of Code –


Raspberry Pi Starter Kit – Pimoroni

Little Miss Geek


4 thoughts on “Young People & Technology

  1. Great stuff Toby- thanks for sharing. I’m working with over 50s in Camden ( and am keen to see how we can get those older digitally excluded but interested involved. And also see how we can expand the knowledge base of those who want to take things forward. Some of these links are really useful as it is some of the same issues but different generation. Thanks

    • I’ve set up a WordPress site for our students. I toyed with edublogs but it’s WordPress anyway and offers much less free space…and if you know how to configure WP it didn’t seem like there was much you couldn’t do anyway (i might be wrong!) Haven’t looked at expression engine…Will take a look.

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