Why I’m supporting Blog Action Day

October 16th is the 5th annual Blog Action Day when bloggers from around the world will be posting their thoughts on an issue of global importance. Along with thousands of others, I will be offering my contribution to a global debate about an issue that affects us all. Previous years have focussed on water, climate change and poverty and Urban Forum and this year’s theme is food.


Blog Action Day coincides with World Food Day, so it’s a great opportunity to think about the challenges of feeding the world’s hungry or the role of food on the environment, the economy, culture and society.

As well as highlighting the issue of food, Blog Action Day, also highlights the role of blogging in stimulating debate, providing news and information and encouraging interaction and networking. Since I first started blogging – originally as an outlet for my obsession for meaningful bank reform and latterly with a more general focus on civil society – I’ve come to rely on it more and more. It’s an outlet for my thoughts and reflections, a place to engage and debate and also a way to share interesting content I’ve come across on other people’s websites.

And if you don’t blog, why not use Blog Action Day as a reason to give it a try? J

You can follow Blog Action Day 2011 content through the #BAD11 tag and you can register your blog or find out more here: http://blogactionday.org/

And don’t forget to check back on 16th October for my food-related post!


2 thoughts on “Why I’m supporting Blog Action Day

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