Big Society…me talking on the Today Programme & BBC News

Amid all the Big Society media frenzy this week, in advance of the Prime Minister’s attempts to breathe life back into his ‘big idea’ you could be forgiven for missing my minor role in all this…..

First I was interviewed on BBC News (in the wake of Dame Elisabeth Hoodless’ criticism of the cuts, as a parting salvo after 48 years at Community Service Volunteers) talking about the cuts and Big Society.

you can watch that here – 



Now, I’m fully prepared to admit that appearing on Radio 4’s Today Programme is definitely something I have on my career to-do list, so when I was asked to go and talk about the banks’ generous ‘gift’ [as gifts go, it’s a pretty mean one!] of £200m towards the Big Society Bank I jumped at the chance…..

Hear me being interviewed by Evan Davis on the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4, along with Danny Kruger (who used to be David Cameron’s speech writer).



  <span>Toby Blume and Danny Kruger debate Big Society on Radio 4 Today – 12th Feb 2011 by johnpopham</span>




I’m grateful to John Popham for uploading the interview.


So, this is likely to be a big week for the Big Society…with (we expect) a host of announcements, new initiatives (or old ones repackaged!) and a stack of supporters no doubt being lined up to defend it.


I think there are opportunities that Big Society presents and that it could, ultimately, offer people the chance to take control over what happens in their areas, but the speed and size of the cuts make this extremely challenging.


Toby Blume

Chief Executive, Urban Forum


Find me on Twitter – @tobyblume


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