Guardian Charity Effectiveness podcast

The Big Society – featuring Urban Forum chief executive, Toby Blume (at approx 5 mins 25 seconds)

As David Cameron moves his family and possessions into Downing Street we take time to look at his Big Society – and what it will mean for UK charities and social enterprises. We ask key Sector figures for their views. This new parliament sees the largest group of entirely new MPs since the Second World War. Included in the new intake are at least 25 who worked in the voluntary sector before the election. What will they offer the electorate, and more importantly what will they offer the Charity Sector? And its goodbye Third Sector as we welcome the shiny new Civil Society.

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Programme guests

Stephen Bubb, Chief Executive of ACEVO

Nick Temple, Policy and Communications Director at SSE – the School for Social Entrepreneurs

Toby Blume, Chief Executive of Urban Forum

Stuart Andrew, MP for Pudsey

Lisa Nandy, MP for Wigan


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